The Enlarged Shower Option


Can You Say, “Spaaaaa”?


Can you just imagine starting your day here?  Our primary bathroom suite’s enlarged shower option is really total luxury and takes a shower to an entirely new level.

Due to popular demand for tub-less primary baths, we now offer the enlarged all tile shower in the majority of our floor pans.  

Shown in pink: the one on the left shows the layout with the tub and shower.  The one on the right shows it with the enlarged shower only:

Enlarged Shower Option by Chafin Communities

The enlarged shower option is available in almost every plan and in most communities.  This must be added to a home from the beginning prior to foundation because it involves plumbing changes, so usually if a home doesn’t already have it, it cannot be added.

  • If you have no use for a tub, upgrade to this enlarged shower
  • Enlarged shower option includes:
    • Two shower heads
    • Overhead lighting
    • Corner shelves
    • Frameless shower door
    • 2 privacy guarding upper windows – light in, no privacy out
  • Available in most plans, but must be a pre-sale or prior to slab
  • Shower size ranges but is close to 7′ wide by about 3ft deep – this will vary per plan
  • Add benches on the outside under the windows – plan permitting 

Here are a few ways a traditional primary bath with a separate enclosed shower and garden tub are built:

There are a lot of upgrades here such as granite counter tops, tile floors and more.

Here is the optional enlarged shower with benches:

There are a lot of upgrades here such as the frameless shower door, granite counter tops, tile floors and more.

You can view this under The Turnbridge Plan

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