Laundry Rooms

Laundry Rooms – There are more options than you usually think about.  In this part of the USA, laundry rooms are really only for the washer, dryer and the wire shelf to hang things.  Things like utility sinks and additional cabinetry are usually only thought about after you move in, when it’s too late.  Here are some things to consider if you are building a Chafin Home from the ground up.

  • Add cabinetry for more storage instead of the standard white wire shelf
  • Not all plans have laundry rooms large enough for a sink, so you will have to ask the on-site agent if it’s not on the plan
  • Utility sinks can only be added at the very beginning without costly drilling into concrete, so if you want one, please make sure you do a pre-sale
  • Quite a few of our floor plan, both ranch & 2 story, now offer a private second door to just the owner’s bedroom closet: The Ashford, The Barkley, The Bentley, The Brentwood, The Castleberry, The Cottonwood, The Dresden, The Newport are just a few

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