There are a few ways we can build a three car garage.

  • Most plans can have a 3rd car garage added to the front entry version
    • IF the lot is wide enough to accommodate it.  
    • There are usually very limited homesites that can fit 3 car front entry, so see the community for details.
  • Some communities ONLY have 3 car garages per HOA rules.  
    • These also must be built with a 2 car side entry with the 3rd car front entry.  
    • These plans are listed separately in the floor plans section labeled “3 car” for this reason so the are easier to find.
  • There is a THIRD way we build a 3 car garage, and that is with a tandem garage.


Here are some examples of how the different garage style look:

The Bentley Plan with 2 car front entry garage

The Bentley Plan with front entry 3 car garage


The 3 car garage built with one front entry and two side entry garages.

The Bentley Plan with the 3 Car Garage with 2 Car Side Entry and 3rd Car Front Entry


Here is the Three Care Garage – Side Entry 2 car and Front Entry 1st car – The Barkley Plan:

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