New homes costs about 15 to 20% more, but you get a totally new home.

Here is our list of pros and cons:

CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR NEEDS – It’s all new and usually chosen by you. Paint colors, cabinet colors, adding that dream tile master shower, adding a media room, or a mini-suite on the main, adding an outdoor fireplace or making that main floor full bath a walk in shower. It’s all customized to exactly what your needs are.

NEW MAIN SYSTEMS – There is a life span for the main systems in a home. With a new home, you are getting all new appliances, roof, HVAC, water heater, etc. A comparable 10 year old home may be less, but it may need a $5,000 new roof in 5 years or a new $14,000 HVAC in 7 years. You should plan this into the total cost of a resale home.

BETTER ENERGY EFFICENCY – New technology offers you the best in energy efficiency with such things as Low-E windows, superior insulation, house wrap for moisture control, higher rated HVAC system and more. These all add up to a huge savings in energy costs.

MODERN TECHNOLOGY “ No costly retrofitting needed here and depending on the stage of your new home, you can even easily add some additional features should you want a home theater, INest, under cabinet lighting, whole house smart control, etc.

LOWER MAINTENANCE – New construction offers all new products with the latest concepts to be as long lasting and low maintenance as possible.

NEW HOME WARRANTY – Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your new home comes with a 2-10 HOME BUYERS® WARRANTY. A resale will more than likely be out of warranty and sold œas is with all repairs and any replacement costs will be your financial responsibility.

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