Welcome to the Chafin Home Buying Journey

Getting Pre-Qualified has some advantages that most people forget or don’t think about. 

Welcome to the Chafin Home Buying Journey! Getting Pre-qualified for a mortage is the first step to buying a home.  You don’t go shopping without a budget. It is free, fast and you can change it later.  Here are some of the advantages.

Getting Pre-qualified is one of the first steps to buying a home.

Getting Pre-qualified is one of the first steps to buying a home.

Our agents tell us they get asked all the time by home buyers, where should they start?  Well, the first step REALLY is getting Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage.  You can call any of our onsite agents if you have any questions.

It’s actually free, fast, on-line and does not require a commitment to get a loan

You can do it free online in about 15 minutes or less

You commit to a lender ONLY when you put a home under contract


  • This helps you determine how much you CAN get approved for
    • It also helps you with thee bigger question of how much you WANT to spend 

  •  It helps you narrow down your home search
    • You may be looking at the wrong priced homes
    • You may be looking in the wrong areas
    • You may be missing out of special rates in certain geographical areas such as USDA 100% Financing. 
    • You may be looking at homes priced way below or way above what you can qualify for or what you actually want to spend every month

  • The new regulations can make it take a lot longer to change your credit scores.  
    • Any little unknown issue “ even a $350 bill for an x-ray 5 years ago that you didn™t know about “ can take months to clear up in all three credit agencie

  • You may be about to make a financial decision that will raise your mortgage rates.  
    •  You may be about to add a family member
    • You may be about to change jobs
    • You may be trying to plan for capital gains taxes
    • You may be buy a new car that will increase or decrease the rate you could get
    • Your rate, even a fraction of a point higher, has a HUGE impact on your monthly payment

  • Builder Approved Lender usually offer an incentive to the buyer and have a long working relationship that makes it a much smoother process usually with no surprises. 

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