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Alim Witter

Chafin Communities Review – Alim Witter

As the first family to move into the Jacobs Creek subdivision, my wife and I were a bit apprehensive, yet excited at the same time, about how things would play out for us and our daughter. While we had a happy and pioneering feeling, and the solitude was relaxing, it was somewhat tempered. Would we be the ones to have to find out if there were any kinks in the construction, landscaping, etc.?

Well, we’re two-months in now, and we’re very pleased with our decision to purchase a home in the Jacobs Creek subdivision. Our home is on a basement and has features that we’ve really come to appreciate, like a spacious master suite with a large walk-in closet; laundry room that’s located upstairs (complete with an emergency overflow drainage for the washing machine- that doesn’t just collect water in an emergency, but actually drains to the outside); and a covered deck (that’s fairly cool even on the hottest summer days) that overlooks a secluded backyard. Our lot is beautifully landscaped and just the right size in order to not feel intimidated by potential yard work. We would (and already have) definitely recommend Jacobs Creek to anyone looking to buy a nice contemporary home, that’s competitively priced, and well constructed.

-Alim Witter

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