What Features Are In Our Model Homes

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Posted Sunday July 25, 2021 in Interior Design

Learn What Features Are In Our Model Homes

Check Out Our New Series, All About Colors.


Ever look at a Model Home and wonder what are the actual features, products and colors used?  You may enjoy our new series, All About Colors, where we will showcase all of our model homes one at a time.

Discover a whole new way of buying a new home. A streamlined, low stress process that gives you peace of mind with The Decorator Advantage at Chafin.

No need to stress over every little detail when trying to pick out all of your features and colors for your home. Our decorating team has done all the hard work for you. We have put together color and palette package that can ensure your home will look great. 

Our designers are trained in interior design and know what looks good. They will walk you through your design appointment and show you the options available for your home.  They know how to make your home stand out as well as keep it beautiful for a resale market.  You have our team of in-house professional decorators working for you!

This our model home at Stonewater Creek with the colors our full time decorator choose for the kitchen and the primary bath.



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