The Chafin Communities’ Story

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One very unique edge Chafin Communities has is that our people and trades have been working together for over 20 years and the founding Chafin brothers have over 30 years experience building homes in Metro Atlanta.  Our team has built over 6,000 homes together!


With this additional resource, Chafin Communities offers even MORE to their home buyers. From more innovative design to increased energy efficiency to a wider selection of home plans and to even more locations.


“More” is not a word usually associated with home construction, but to Chafin Communities, more is the perfect word to describe our philosophy of community development and home construction: more amenities, more footage, more quality, more upgrades and, most importantly, more value.


This philosophy of giving more comes from over 30 years of experience in helping Georgia families achieve the dream of homeownership. Brothers, Eric and Daryl Chafin, principals of Chafin Communities, both started working in the home construction business as teenagers.

In those early years, the brothers gained a firm foundation in the fundamentals of home construction from the ground up. Few builders today can boast of this basic knowledge of residential construction techniques. Later, as construction superintendents for one of Metro Atlanta’s largest and most respected building companies, they learned that by coupling this basic construction experience with time-honored business principles of creating satisfied customers would lead to repeat buyers. It takes years to create a solid reputation.

It was with these principles and experience in mind that the Chafin’s started their own construction company in 1996. They knew those repeat buyers were not achieved by giving less service and less value seeing as too many builders had adopted this philosophy in the name of “affordable” housing. The Chafin’s found that repeat buyers were created when homeowners knew they were getting more value for their investment, more attention to details of construction (no matter what price range house purchased), and more service, both before and after the purchase of the home.

Putting in the extra effort earned the Chafin’s solid reputation and repeat customers that they strived for and serves them well during competitive housing markets. Buyers can trust that owning a Chafin built home is a wise, tried and true investment as well as a very beautiful and well-designed home.

The Chafin philosophy of providing œmore rings true with over 6,000 homes in all price ranges constructed under the combined guidance of Eric and Daryl Chafin. The brothers are repeat winners of the Gold Professionalism Award, presented by the Greater Atlanta Homebuilder’s Association.

Chafin Communities builds a variety of home types in various neighborhoods to suit any homebuyer’s needs and lifestyle while also maintaining a level of affordability for any economic situation. Though purchasing a new home can be a huge endeavor, Chafin Communities’ offer over 30 years of home building experience providing buyers confidence in their investment.

After shopping for a new home and becoming familiar with the market, you too will come to know what a couple of thousand homeowners have already learned: That with Chafin Communities, there is more to come home to.

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