The Design Appointment


design appointment

If you purchased a Chafin home, that is just started, then you will schedule a Design Appointment. Here you will choose from interior and exterior packages that have been hand picked by our interior design team. Each community and home is unique, so in an effort to keep it more concise below you will find a more general timeline.

We have a full time in house design team headed up by Maggie Gilstrap.  Maggie is a University of Georgia graduate with a 4 year degree in Interior Decorating.  She and her staff do all of our model homes as well as create the decorator packages.  With over 700 homes to design and build each year, she and her team are constantly move. They are always offering the latest and greatest in design options trends and colors.

design appointment room

What Happens At a Design Appointment?

You will choose your exterior and interior package from The Decorator Collections. Each model home has a room converted into a Decorator Room. These packages are custom designed by our decorating team to make it an easy, stress-free process when making choices for your home. Each Chafin community has floor plans and unique choices available that will vary within every community.

TIP: We usually recommend you walk inside under construction homes in your community to get a feel for what you like and dislike. 

 Meet with the On-site Agent at the Model Home
    • First, your onsite agent will give you an overview of the design process, introduce a decorator schedule, and show you all the available options for that particular Chafin community and specific floor plan
    • There will be sample boards of each products we offer: Flooring, Backsplashes, Brick, Cabinets
    • You will select from interior and exterior packages that our design team has curated
Choose Exterior Options
    • This will depend on the stage of your own home build timeline, so this is not always possible for you to choose
    • Usually this includes features like: paint colors, shutter colors, brick & mortar choices or other home exterior related options like gutter colors, but each community has a unique list of choices that your onsite agent will guide you through  
    • Most communities have 10 to 30 different exterior options to choose from 
    • You DO have to be mindful of homes near you, because you do want your home to be unique, so you will have to choose an exterior package not the same as your neighbors
Choose Interior Options
    • This will depend on the stage of your home build timeline as well, so what options you can choose will be unique to your home’s build stage
    • All options vary and are unique to the specific Chafin Community and floor plan
    • In most communities there are two interior paint colors to choose from
    • The interior packages usually includes features like: granite choices, cabinetry, interior paint, backsplash, flooring or cabinet hardware
Finalize and Sign it
    • Now that you’ve decided on any and all options for your new home.
    • Your agent will complete the design form, you will sign it
    • Next, your decorator schedule will be sent to our design department for approval. As soon it is approved it will be sent out to the superintendent
Construction Progress Begins
    • Once approved and in the superintendent’s hand, sit back and watch your home being built!  It is always fun to watch it all come together
    • Finally, as your home gets close to your closing date, the home will get final touches and cleaned

Chafin’s Home Build Timeline

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