About Chafin Communities

About Us

“More” is not a word usually associated with home construction, but to Chafin Communities, “more” is the perfect word to describe our philosophy of community development and home construction: more amenities, more footage, more quality, more upgrades and, most importantly, more value.

Chafin Communities is now a proud part of Berkshire Hathaway. With this additional resource, Chafin Communities offers even MORE to their home buyers. From more innovative design to increased energy efficiency to a wider selection of home plans and to even more locations.

This philosophy of giving more comes from over 30 years of experience in helping Georgia families achieve the dream of homeownership. Brothers, Eric and Daryl Chafin, principals of Chafin Communities, both started working in the home construction business as teenagers.

About Chafin Communities

In those early years, the brothers gained a firm foundation in the fundamentals of home construction from the ground up. Few builders today can boast of this basic knowledge of residential construction technique. Later, as construction superintendents for one of Metro Atlanta’s largest and most respected building companies, they learned that by coupling this basic construction experience with time-honored business principles of creating satisfied customers would lead to repeat buyers. It takes years to create a solid reputation.

It was with these principles and experience in mind that the Chafins started their own construction company in 1996. They knew those repeat buyers were not achieved by giving less service and less value seeing as too many builders had adopted this philosophy in the name of “affordable” housing. The Chafins found that repeat buyers were created when homeowners knew they were getting more value for their investment, more attention to details of construction (no matter what price range house purchased), and more service, both before and after the purchase of the home.

Putting in the extra effort earned the Chafins the solid reputation and repeat customers that they strived for and serving them well in the new, more competitive housing market. Buyers can trust that owning a Chafin built home is a wise, tried and true investment as well as a very beautiful and well-designed home.

The Chafin philosophy of providing “more” rings true with over 4,500 homes in all price ranges constructed under the combined guidance of Eric and Daryl Chafin. The brothers are repeat winners of the Gold Professionalism Award, presented by the Greater Atlanta Homebuilder’s Association.

Chafin Communities builds a variety of home types in various neighborhoods to suit any homebuyer’s needs and lifestyle while also maintaining a level of affordability for any economic situation. Though purchasing a new home can be a huge endeavor, the Chafins offer over 30 years of home building experience providing buyers confidence in their investment.

After shopping for a new home and becoming familiar with the market, you too will come to know what a couple of thousand homeowners have already learned: That with Chafin Communities, there is more to come home to.

Why Choose Chafin Communities?

Chafin Communities guides hundreds of excited new homeowners through the home buying process every year and understands that this is one of the biggest decisions most people will make in their life. We want it to be as thrilling and great an experience as you imagined it would be!

In order to guide you as smoothly as possible through this exciting, and sometimes stressful process, we have taken all our years of experience and training to work for you.

So, why choose Chafin Communities as your home builder?

EXPERIENCE – Years and years of experience!! One unique edge Chafin Communities has is that our people and trades have been working together for over 20 years and the founding Chafin brothers have over 30 years experience building in homes in Metro Atlanta. This team has built over 5,000 homes together.

AWARD-WINNING – We can tell you all we want about how great we are, but the real proof is in other builder’s opinions. Chafin is the proud winner of over 70 Obie Awards. This is a high achievement given to by The Greater Atlanta Home Builder’s Association.

QUALITY & REPUTATION – The Chafin’s have earned a solid reputation as the builder to work for and it shows in the superior quality workmanship in our homes. We have built a relationship with our trades that took years to create and we understand it’s true value.

DESIGN – We take great pride in making our home plans offer as much function as they offer form. There is a constant redesigning or adding new designs, a never-ending search for better energy efficiency, better technology, and lower maintenance building techniques to fit today’s home buyer’s needs. From first time home buyers to the gated mansions and everywhere in between, we have something to suit just about everyone’s needs.

LOCATION – You will find Chafin in the most sought after locations, Suwanee, Hamilton Mill, Sugar Hill, Loganville, Buford, Chateau Elan, Hoschton and more. We are always wanting easy access to major interstates for work, great schools for families and convenient shopping. We are constantly adding new communities every day, so check often for an area you are interested in.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Our promise is to provide outstanding results from an upstanding builder, fulfilling every need, at any time, from purchase through closing and beyond. 100% customer satisfaction and zero defects at closing are our standards for every home and our top priority.

PEACE OF MIND – Each Chafin Community home includes a comprehensive one-year fit and finishes warranty backed by 2-10 HOMEBUYERS® WARRANTY.

Our Mission

Chafin Communities guides hundreds of excited new homeowners through the home buying process every year and understands that this is one of the biggest decisions most people will make in their life. We want it to be as thrilling and great an experience as you imagined it would be!

In order to guide you as smoothly as possible through this exciting, and sometimes stressful process, we have taken all our years of experience and training to work for you.

Chafin Communities will maintain it’s position as one of Atlanta’s leading home builders by constantly innovating and streamlining the processes that lead to the seamless delivery of superior homes.

Respect: Chafin Communities serves our home buyers as we would expect to be served: in a professional, timely, and satisfying manner.

Chafin Communities recognizes that loyalty is key, so we work hard to earn it. Many of our trades have given us over 20 years service, allowing us to become a builder in Atlanta that home buyers can trust that our homes have to top tradespeople working on their home.

Chafin Communities wants to give homeowners peace of mind through a trusting relationship, we maintain a high level of communication every step of the way. Many of our homeowners have referred their friends and family members, as well as have purchased second and third Chafin homes.

We adhere to the highest standards and always treat our customers, employees, trades, and suppliers with the utmost fairness and honesty.


Year after year, Chafin Communities has been award OBIE Awards by the Sales and Marketing Council of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association our quality construction, design innovation and industry achievements. The OBIE Awards are the highest level of recognition given by the Atlanta housing industry. Each year, the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association presents OBIE Awards for major achievement in building, marketing, and remodeling. The OBIE Awards, previously called the Professionalism Awards, began in 1980 and have grown throughout the years to now feature more than 125 building, remodeling, marketing, and personal achievement categories. “We are so proud to be honored by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and earning this standard of excellence every year,” said Eric Chafin president of Chafin Communities. “Being recognized by our peer group is a very significant accomplishment and reflects the priority we place on quality, style, and innovation.”

In 2016 Chafin Builders LLC/Chafin Communities ranked #10 in Atlanta’s TOP 20 Home Builders List based on Homes closed in 2016.


Brian Keith

We have been in our Chafin Communities home for four years now and love it and our neighbors more every day! It is always a pleasant thought driving home each day knowing how great our neighborhood is!

Jason and Jessica Howe

We would like to take the time to thank all of the employees at Chafin Communities involved in our home buying process. The sales agent, Julie Giles, was very knowledgeable and kept us informed throughout the contingency process. We felt confident in the contract she sold us. This was very important to us, as she was your representative for your homes. We would also like to say thanks to Eric Drooker. Eric was nice to deal with and we are very thankful for his quick thinking. It is good to know that there are good quality builders out there that will help their potential buyers. We also felt that everyone was upfront with us and we did not feel like anything was hidden from us. We very much appreciate the deal that was worked up to get us out of our old home and to make our dreams come true for our new home. Jason was also a pleasure to work with, as he explained the walk-through process and worked to get all of our issues completed before we closed. We are confident in the home that was built and we truly feel this is the best home out there, for the quality, value, and service that are provided. We would recommend a Chafin Communities home to anyone. Thank you so much again for the hard work on our situation. We truly do appreciate it and we are glad to be Lanier Springs homeowners.

Elizabeth Nance

I would like to thank Chafin Communities for providing such a superb quality home, service, and value. We have resided in your product for 2 years and are very pleased with our purchase. Also, I feel it is very important to mention that your building superintendents continually provide superior service in all aspects. I recently had the privilege of working with Mike Carnes concerning some erosion problems on our basement lot. He was a pleasure to work with, exhibited excellent communication and professionalism in resolving the issues. Having had previous experience as a home buyer of another builder, I truly appreciate the quality of your service and home. Yourself and your staff stand by your product and place value in customer satisfaction. It is noticed by our family and appreciated greatly.

Mozell & William Quarles

It is our pleasure to write this letter to you. We have owned 4 homes over the last 6 years from California to Virginia and this home is by far the best! 
When we were looking for a home in Georgia, we visited over 50 neighborhoods before making a decision. Yorkshire Estates is very quiet, friendly and surrounded by larger upscale subdivisions. After comparing location, quality, and customer service, it was clear that we wanted to live in a Chafin Communities neighborhood.

The builder has exceeded our expectations from beginning to present. Every warranty item has been handled promptly and correctly. We have truly found our utopia.

Thank you Chafin Communities.

Carol Britt

I love my Chafin Communities home at the Stone Walk community in Gwinnett County. The community is intimate and I feel like I can get to know my neighbors easily. Stone Walk is convenient to everything from grocery stores to shopping malls and access to the interstate is easy. I purchased my Chafin home in March of 2008, and it’s been the best decision ever. The quality of construction is phenomenal and the interior details far out weigh other neighborhoods I considered. The trim work alone is something you would find in a much higher price point. Everything was done to my satisfaction and the Chafin Communities team of builders and sales people were wonderful to work with.