A Right Choice Certified Builder




What does Right Choice Certified mean?  First, these homes are built for energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality. Second, this gives our homeowners convenience and comfort. Each new home earns the energy advantage rate. This saves the homeowner approximately 5% on their annual bill for the life of the home. A three-year energy warranty guarantees that the home’s heating and cooling energy costs will be lower. They will be below a specified amount each year. 


right choice builder awards

Right Choice Awards, Chafin Builders, Feb 2022 with Nathan Bohannan and Evan Breakspear

Chafin Communities Is Proud To Be A Right Choice Certified Builder

Finally, our team is constantly trying to improve energy efficiency in our home designs. Climate-Sealed Homes with Thermo-Ply® House wrap, UV-Blocking Windows with LowE Windows, LOW maintenance modern traverse lighting.



“What our customers value most is the comfort of the home as well as the savings on energy costs. Partnering with Jackson EMC and building homes following the program guidelines helps us provide the best products for our customers. It’s guaranteed energy savings and guaranteed comfort. We’re doing our part to make our homes energy efficient. This benefits our homeowners who save on energy costs. This in turn controls our carbon footprint.– Eric Chafin, Founder



New Construction Communities That Are Right Choice Certified