Getting Pre-qualified is one of the first steps to buying a home.

Get Pre-qualified in 10 minutes or Less, Online, for Free, NO obligation.   

It is FREE •  It is fast – about 10 minutes online • It is NO obligation • It does not lock in your rate

 It does not affect your credit score if you do it within a certain time frame (there is a 30-day regulation, see lender for details).

View our FAQ about our Approved Lender Advantages.


When it comes to finding a mortgage lender, Chafin Communities has done the hard work for you.  

We have worked with the industry’s leading mortgage lenders for years and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We do not want you to miss your close date due to a mortgage lender’s error, so by using our approved lender, you have one less thing to do while going through the home loan process.  

This offers you a smoother loan process and allows you to relax because you know we have already “pre-qualified” this lender.  This way you get the best possible service and price on your new home loan.

Let our approved mortgage lender guide you through the free pre-qualifying process. Get started below:Silverton Mortgage, Approved Lender of Chafin Communities