Concrete Driveways: How To Maintain And Repair

Concrete Driveways How To Maintain and Repair

Posted Thursday August 12, 2021 in Home Care Maintenance & Tips

Concrete Driveways and Patios How To Maintain and Repair | by Chafin Communities

Concrete driveways are the one area of a home that are often overlooked.  They can show the same seasonal wear and tear as a home exterior if not properly maintained. Many folks will discount cracks and breaks in driveways. In all actuality repairs need to be addressed quickly before anything spreads.

Addressing repairs upfront will save homeowners money long term.  It will also make your driveway last longer if you maintain it. Good maintenance of your concrete driveway will boast curb appeal. 

By: Colleen Voisin   Date: 8/12/2021



Preventative Maintenance for Concrete Driveways and Patios

1. One way to prevent cracks in your driveway is to follow some common tips for general maintenance.

2. Watch your tree root growth. Roots can push up on the concrete from underneath creating cracks. It’s best to remove roots that creep around your driveway that can cause damage.

3. Remove any encroaching weeds that pop up within your driveway.  Once gone, treat your driveway to remove further weed growth.

4. When cracks and holes appear, fix them ASAP, don’t wait.  Brush debris away and use a crack filler and patching compound.  After the compound dries, seal it.

5. Sealing your entire concrete driveway annually will help maintain its surface. It will also prevent water from freezing on it and help in preventing cracks.

6. Be sure to clean up oils and fluids leaked from your cars and trucks. Remove these stains with a biodegradable cleaner. These fluids can penetrate into concrete and remove the sealant. 

7. The most vulnerable spots on your driveway are the edges. Be sure that your car or truck is parked away from the edges to prevent breakage and chipping.

8. Check for any water build up on your driveway due to rain or other elements.  Sweep it away to avoid sitting for a long time and collecting algae. Algae can become slippery and falls can happen. Standing water can also cause cracking.

9. Wash cement driveways every season. This removes any debris from trees, element residue, and dirt accumulation. Biodegradable cement cleaner can be purchased at any home hardware store.

10. Don’t salt cement in the winter months. Salt and chemical deicers can penetrate the surface and cause cracks.  Use sand or kitty litter instead to get traction on the surface if it freezes over.

11. If you don’t know how or want to seal, repair cracks, or clean your cement driveway, hire a professional. Many folks don’t have the time and that is understandable. But you should examine your driveway on a regular basis for cracks and holes.

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