Approved Mortgage Lender

Get the Silverton Mortgage Advantage Today!

When it comes to finding a mortgage lender, Chafin Communities has done the hard work for you with our approved lender Silverton Mortgage.

Silverton Mortgage is a full service mortgage company that has their top rated team working with Chafin.

In an effort to give you the best possible home buying experience, we have an approved lender to reduce the chances of you missing your close date due to a mortgage lender’s error.  This team has worked with Chafin for decades, is extremely professional, comes highly rated by past customers (links below), and is very trusted by Chafin Communities to get you to the closing table on time.

Combine this with a wide range of mortgage options with competitive rates and you have “The Silverton Advantage”!

Pre-qualified in Minutes  •  Online  •  Free  •  NO obligatioN  •  No Rate Lock*


Get The Silverton Mortgage Advantage:

Closing Cost Incentives.

Receive full incentives offered in all Chafin Communities with approved lender.  If you use another lender, you no longer qualify for the incentives.

Smooth, Stress-free Closing Experience.

Our Team has worked with Chafin for over a decade and is a well-oiled machine.  Combine that with Silverton’s high customer ratings, and you have as great a closing experience as possible.

Competitive Interest Rates.

Silverton Mortgage offers market competitive interest rates.  This ensures you lower closing costs and a lower overall cost of your mortgage.

It is NO Obligation, Free and Easy.

There is no obligation to use Silverton Mortgage.  You can choose up until you are  under contract which lender you prefer. It is free, easy, and takes about 10 minutes.

Wide Range of Mortgage Options.

Silverton Mortgage is a full service mortgage provider that offers a wide range of mortgage options: FHA, VA, Non-conforming, Porfolio and more.

It Will Not Affect Credit Score.

Silverton Mortgage will pull your credit and it can still be pulled again by another lender without hurting your credit score if you do it within 30 days.  See agent for more details.*

*You are protected by a 30-day shopping window, so if you have your credit pulled by multiple lenders within 30 days.  The New inquiries will only show a “soft” inquiry thus causing no harm to your credit score.  This shopping window is a regulation that was put in place to give buyers the right to shop for the best mortgage rates and costs without harm.

Let our approved mortgage lender guide you through the free pre-qualifying process. Get started below by choosing one of these loan originators.  

They work as a team so you are free to choose whomever you prefer.  Below are links to each one’s  biography and reviews. 

Silverton offers Spanish speaking loan assistance, please ask any of our loan officers.

Silverton ofrece asistencia para préstamos de habla hispana, por favor pregunte a cualquiera de nuestros oficiales de préstamos.

Silverton Mortgage * 1201 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 2050, Atlanta GA 30361 • Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc DBA Silverton Mortgage NMLS 1561: GRMA 6911 • Equal Housing Opportunity.