Home Building Timeline

What Actually Happens When a Home is Built?

(Please note that due to COVID-19 and supply chain issues timelines may take a lot longer.)

Building a new home is so exciting. The more you know, the more you can sit back and enjoy rather than stress that something is not done on time. We created this timeline and infographic to show you roughly when things happen. 
Home Building Timeline 2020 By Chafin Communities
There are a lot of other processes that start before the building of your new home:  
The land purchase is usually done 2 – 3 years prior, the development (streets and utilities) is about one year prior, and the building permit tends to take about one to two months. It is only then that grading (clearing trees and leveling the land) can start.  Grading is usually when most home buyers think of a home as “starting”.
The infographic below shows the build time on a 3,000 square fool home as the example. This sized home can take about 120 to 150 days to build from grading on, but there are many things that can impact this timeline. Larger homes and basements take even longer, usually a basement adds 2 months to the build cycle.  The unpredictable things that impact this timeline are usually government regulations, supply chain issues, weather, and subcontractors changes.  We plan on a certain amount of possible weather delays in our timeline but some seasons are worse than others.  They are seasonally based, so in Georgia there are usually a few weeks of freezing winter weather, the occasional snow storm, and spring usually rains out a few days. 
Overall, there are many contributing factors to consider for the building timeline of a home, so this is mainly a list of what happens in what order.

Here is a more detailed construction timeline from grading on for average home of up to 3,000 sf.  

This is an ESTIMATE BASED ON a 130 day build cycle

Days 1 – 25

  • Job Initiation Order (JIO) sent to superintendent
  • Order roof truss system
  • Footing/slab material
  • Temporary Electric
  • Footing install
  • Block material & pin footing
  • Block labor
  • Foundation survey & setbacks verified
  • Utility install
  • Plumbing in slab and safety grade
  • Plumbing inspection
  • Slab prep 1 inspection

Days 25 – 40

  • Rough framing
  • Order windows/doors exterior

Days 41 – 45

  • Framing continues
  • Roof material drop off
  • Sheating Housewrap inspection
  • Roofing labor
  • Dumpster drop off/pick up #1
  • Schedule gas line (if needed)
  • Windows/doors install exterior
  • Framing punch out #1

Days 46 – 50

  • Plumbing rough in
  • Fireplace rough in
  • Measure for cabinets
  • Measure for interior doors
  • Finish roofing
  • HVAC rough in
  • Install roofing pipe boots
  • Order brick/stone/siding delivery
  • Punch out list due

Days 51 – 65

  • Electrical rough in
  • Brick/stone material drop off
  • Media/security system rough
  • Fireplace inspection
  • Brick/stone labor
  • Low voltage inspection
  • HVAC rough in inspection
  • Framing punch out #2
  • Plumbing rough inspection
  • Electrical rough inspection
  • Inspections for brick/stone install
  • Framing inspection
  • Wall insulation install
  • Insulation inspection
  • Inspections for all custom features pre-drywall
  • Order drywall
  • Order siding

Days 66 – 72

  • Drywall material drop off
  • Drywall install
  • Roofing shingles install
  • Order exterior paint
  • Siding install
  • Gas line install
  • Electrical meter base install
  • Exterior paint
  • Trim material ordered
  • Gutters
  • Rough grade

Days 73 – 90

  • Trim labor
  • Fireplace mantle trim out
  • Dumpster #2
  • Concrete flatwork (driveway)
  • Deck install
  • Paint interior #1
  • Irrigation sleeves
  • Electric meter
  • Tile shower
  • Cabinet delivery
  • Cabinet install
  • Lighting delivery
  • Shower door measure
  • Ceiling insulation blow in
  • Drywall point up
  • Set columns

Days 91 – 94

  • Electrical trim out #1
  • Measure for granite
  • Install vinyl
  • Install LVP/EVP and tile
  • Install hardwoods
  • Water heater delivery
  • Shoemold install and stain/paint
  • HVAC trim out
  • Drywall point and sand

Days 95 – 99

  • Interior paint #2
  • Granite and sinks install
  • Appliances order
  • Garage door install
  • Gas meter inspection
  • Shutter in stall (if have any)
  • Tile backsplash install
  • Plumbing trim out (hook up water heater, hook up sinks)
  • Final grading
  • Gas meter install
  • Electrical trim out #2 (lighting installed)
  • Final plumbing inspection
  • Meda/alarm trim out
  • Trim accessories and shower door install
  • HVAC start up
  • Final electrical inspection
  • Final mechanical inspection
  • Landscaping
  • Railings install

Days 100 – 105

  • Carpet
  • Cabinet shoe mold and touch up
  • Sod install
  • First cleaning
  • Dumpster #3
  • Pressure wash exterior
  • Termite install
  • House numbers installed
  • Window screens (per community)
  • Final inspection

Days 106 – 119

  • Touch up clean #1
  • Quality control
  • Quality control trim labor
  • Quality control drywall touch up
  • Quality control paint touch up

Days 120 – 129

  • Appliances install
  • First walk through
  • Punch out done
  • Touch up clean #2
  • Final walk through

Day 130

  • Close

We hope you find this interesting and please remember this is the plan that can and will be changed to meet each home buyer’s and home’s unique circumstances.  

Our team takes timing very seriously and wants to make each closing happen on time, because we understand how challenging timing a move can be.  We are here to help, so if you have any questions, please as the onsite agent that is working with you.

Happy Home Building!