The Chafin Home Buying Process


What to Expect at Chafin Communities

Buying a new home is one of life’s peak moments, and we want to give you the best experience we can!

Whether you are starting from the ground up or getting the move-in ready advantage, we give every home buyer the guidance, support, and inclusive experience every step of the way.  Our dedicated team is here from the moment you choose your home to the moment we hand over the keys to your new home.  We will be keeping you informed and up to date on your home’s milestones.

Welcome to The Chafin Home Buying Process


Set Up a Time to Meet with the Chafin onsite agent:

  • If you are working with an agent, please bring them or their card with you before you register
  • Contact the online specialist or onsite agent to set up an appointment: Call, Email or Online Chat – it’s fast!
  • Inform them you are interested in a particular home, homesite or floor plan
  • Get pre-qualified with Silverton Mortgage to secure a loan pre-approval
  • Review what is included in the home
  • Review what options and features you can add to the home
  • Review the contract for thoroughness and accuracy
  • Sign and purchase and sale agreement (aka contract)
  • Review the warranty policy and HOA covanents
  • Provide an earnest money deposit or non-refundable deposit
  • Review our Customer Assurance Promise to you
  • Schedule your Design Appointment


Your Design Appointment 

  • The Decorator Advantage
    • Full time inhouse decorator
    • Stress free Decorator Collections to help put those personal touches in your home
    • Attend your Design/Decorator Appointment
    • Understand the difference between included and optional features
    • Choose the colors of your home (this list will depend on how far along your home has been built)
    • Review and approve your selected options
    • Sign your decorator schedule
    • Provide any non-refundable deposits for design selections


Watching Your Home Come to Life

  • Sit back and enjoy the exciting process of watching your home come to life
  • Check Out Our Home Building Timeline
  • A home is one of the few things built by hand, so you can enjoy watching your brand new home seemingly grow up right in front of you
  • As your home progresses, we will be keeping you informed at key milestones via texts, photos, phone calls, or emails.


Prepare for Closing – 30 Days Before

  • Set up utilities 30 days prior to closing (see onsite agent for more details)
  • Verify mortgage commitment
  • Verify all financial conditions have been met for closing
  • Ensure all funds required to close are available.


Attend Your First Homeowner Orientation about 7 days prior to closing

3d people - man, person with a clipboard. Businessman. Builder

  • Learn how your home operates
  • Check the home for quality control 
  • Understand the warranty literature and homeowner’s responsibilities
  • See our After The Closing section with Home Care Guides & Checklists


Attend Your Second Homeowner Orientation about 2 days prior to closing

  • Attend your second walk through
  • Sign the construction forms verifying all the items were reviewed to your satisfaction


Go to Closing Day

  • Make sure utilities are set up
  • Attend closing
  • Transfer funds per instructions – this can change but is in the form of a wire transfer or cashier’s check, see your agent or mortgage loan officer for your instructions via their instructions
  • Bring all required documents to closing (this can be certified funds, government issued ID like a driver’s license, proof or home owners insurance, etc)
  • Order your change of address via the U.S. Postal Sercive and get your mailbox keys

GET YOUR keys and MOVE IN!



Life in Your New Chafin Communities Home

Welcome to the Chafin Communities’ Family

  • We will be checking in on you at key moments, especially during your first year
  • Follow the instructions in your closing packet on how to set up your warranties online
  • We usually suggest you put the emergency numbers taped to the interior of a kitchen cabinet so you are not scrambling in the event something does happen
  • Check out our “After the Closing” section of our website
    • Home Care Maintenance Guides
    • Home Care Checklists – Fast and Simple Lists 
    • Service Requests – How To Submit a Warranty Item
    • Homeowner Referral Program
    • And more…