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move in ready homes

Posted Wednesday August 31, 2022 in Home Buying Process

Move In Ready Homes Now Available | by Chafin Communities

Buying a home is an exciting time. But house hunting can be very stressful as well. Choosing the perfect home for your lifestyle or family is a huge decision. New construction homes are a fantastic option. But the building process can take some time and there are buyers out there that cannot wait 4-6 months before their home is built in today’s market. With that being said move-in ready homes are a perfect option. They let you enjoy the home-buying process without having to endure the long construction process.

You and your loved ones will be making new memories in your new home sooner than you think. You will reap all of the benefits of a new construction home but without the waiting period of construction or headaches of picking out features. All features and fixtures are already picked out for you. What a perfect combination especially in today’s market.*

Benefits of Move In Ready Homes

Move-in ready homes are brand new construction homes that can be purchased immediately. So if you are in need or looking to move into a new home quickly, this option is for you. These homes are featured with beautiful finishes and modern layouts. All hardware inside the home is hand selected by our interior designers. While some buyers enjoy the construction process of waiting for their home to be built there are many who prefer the perks of a move-in ready home. They want a house that is ready to be lived in now and want to avoid waiting periods.

Another benefit of the move in ready home is that you are not stuck in a bidding war like so many in the residential resale market. These are brand new construction homes, built and ready now for your contract.

Interior Designer Perks

One of the best perks with moving into one of these homes is having the interior design advantage. Interior Designer’s must understand people’s behavior. Especially knowing how to use a space. They know what colors and textures work together and which ones don’t. Our designers hand select flooring, hardware, cabinetry, and paint colors because they have an eye for design. With move-in ready homes, these aspects have the seal of approval from the designer’s point of view. Check out our blog: Benefits of Working With An Interior Designer if you want to learn more about what they can bring to the table in new construction.

Schedule your appointment today to visit one of these homes today as they are selling fast. Use the ONLINE CHAT FEATURE below or call us today 470-269-3829.

*Prices of move in ready homes may vary due to current inventory.




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