Painted Brick: New Exterior Trend

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Posted Wednesday October 27, 2021 in Exterior and Interior Design, Interior Design

Painted Brick: New Exterior Trend by Chafin Communities

Over the last several years we have seen many awe inspiring before and after photos of painted brick homes. Times are changing and classic brick homes are being challenged to forgo their rustic state.  Brick homes are being called to update their sacred looks by new home buyers. This new market of buyers are venturing into the new realm of out with the old and in with the new exterior design trends of paint.

By Colleen Voisin  Date: 10/27/21


To Paint or Not To Paint?

Design trends come and go. With so many interior design and remodeling shows pumped to the public it’s no wonder folks what to reclaim brick. Brick has been around for centuries and actually dates back to 7000 BC. They have always maintained it’s rustic, tan and red Tuscan hue. Up until recently, no one would have ever thought that brick could take on a different color until now.  

And this is why painting bricks can be a controversial subject matter.  There are those that believe that it should remain pure and au natural and painting over it is sacrilegious. Then there are others that love the brick style but think it needs color symmetry or a lighter palette.  If you do decide to paint the brick on your own home be sure to use a breathable paint such as a silicate or mineral-based.  This paint is durable and lets the brick breathe. No matter the side you fall on, we can all agree that there are some really beautiful painted brick homes and non painted brick homes out there. 

Farm House Look With Painted Brick

These sweet homes look like the perfect farmhouse trend that has taken off thanks to famous HGTV home renovators Chip and Joanna Gaines. It comes down to the power of simple, white paint. Chip and Joanna made old new again with the helping hand of soft white paint, black windows and modern light fixtures for traditional homes. White brick with dark accents or natural stained molding and trim are a clean upgrade for these cozy, two-story homes. You don’t sacrifice any of the homes original brick charm in the process because it’s still there.


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