Smart Home Package 2022


Starting for homes built in 2022, Chafin Communities’ homes now come with a Smart Home Technology Package!

Our Smart Home Package includes the following:

“White Glove” Set Up

Amazon Echo Show 8′

Ring Doorbell

Smart Ecobee Thermostat on Main Floor

Kwikset Halo Smart Front Door Lock

Two Smart Light Switches

What does a SMART HOME TECNOLOGY PACKAGE do for you?

Your new home now has the ability to be controlled remotely from a phone or in person by voice with Amazon Alexa.

Smart Home Logo by Chafin Communities 2022-03

What is Smart Home Technology?

A smart home allows homeowners to control certain items in their homes such as lights, thermostats, and other devices remotely using a smartphone or tablet. Smart home technology provides homeowners with conveniences of everyday life with added cost savings.

Is Smart Home Technology Worth It?

Yes! The convenience and safety that automated systems can provide make them well worth the trade off.  The home automation system will monitor and/or control a number of energy savings over time.  Furthermore, the home resale value is also going to have a major impact on potential buyers interested in a home’s potential.

What’s in a Chafin Smart Home?

Our Chafin homes just got better.  For homes built in 2022, Chafin Communities homes now come with a Smart Home Technology Package. Our Smart Home Technology Package includes the following:

About the Echo Show 8

Echo show

Have fun with Amazon Echo Show 8″ (2nd Gen) or view your front porch. The Echo Show has a large screen you can watch movies on, set it to tell you a news briefing customized what you want or tell you a joke.


About the Ring Doorbell

ring door bell

View your front porch from anywhere when using your Ring Doorbell Camera (2020 Gen) – or view it from your 8′ Echo Show just by asking Alexa.  You can open a live view or you can opt to pay for their cloud service and save your videos to review later.


About the Smart Ecobee Thermostat Pro

ecobee theromstat

Want to change your thermostat in your bedroom? Forgot to reset your thermostat before leaving on vacation?  Now you can using your cell phone and the Ecobee Thermostat.


About the Kwikset Halo Wi-fi Smart Lock

Smart home package

Want to take a walk but don’t want to take your keys? Make sure your front door is locked from your phone.  

No problem, your new Kwikset Halo Wi-fi Smart Lock has a key pad that you just type in your code to lock and unlock or use your phone to do it from wherever you are.


About the Smart Light Switches

Smart Light Switch Chafin Communities 2022

Smart Light Switch Chafin Communities 2022

Want to shut off your front porch light or the kitchen ceiling lights without moving?

Just tell Alexa to do it or use you phone.  

Our homes now come with two Pass & Seymour Smart Light Switches.  There are two included in each home that are currently set to control the front porch light and the ceiling lights in the kitchen. The exact model of the switch may have to vary based on supply, so the final one may vary from what is shown.

Smart Switch Page 1


COMING SOON: About the High Speed Data Jacks

Need high speed direct connect data?  Most of our communities’ homes now have high speed data jacks to direct connect to.


For more information on how the smart home features work please ask our online specialist or onsite agents.