Basic Home Maintenance Tips

Home Maintenance Tips

Posted Wednesday December 8, 2021 in Home Care Maintenance & Tips

Basic Home Maintenance Tips: Don’t Let Little Things Slide | by Chafin Communities

Many people love purchasing new homes because they come with a very small amount of home maintenance and upkeep. There are some tasks that should be completed throughout the year to make sure that everything stays in the best possible condition.

By: Colleen Voisin  Date: 12/8/2021

Annual and Seasonal Maintenance

Home maintenance can seem overwhelming but the key is not waiting until there’s an issue to do something. Prevention goes a long way. Developing a home maintenance calendar or a monthly spreadsheet is what you need if you are a new homeowner. This can include safety, appliances, and routine cleanings of items. Good thing for you because we’ve done all the hard work for you. 

Included here are some home maintenance checklists that you can download and print out.  On average 45% of Americans don’t tend to home repairs right away and in the end it can wreak havoc on your bank account. According to nerdwallet: “Owning a home can be expensive…You can prepare for your mortgage payment, but if a leaky roof catches you off guard, your entire budget could be thrown out of whack.”

Catching small problems before they become big problems is key. Creating a three ring binder and keeping a running tally of what projects you need to tackle and help you prepare. You’ll discover which ones are completed and which ones you still need to complete. This will help you properly budget for maintenance and repairs of your new home as it ages. 

Finally, here are just a few quick tips in our maintenance guide that can be downloaded. It will five you a better idea for logging and keeping track of your home maintenance and repair records.


View Checklist and Maintenance Guide Here

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