How To Maintain Exterior Doors

How To Maintain Exterior Doors

Posted Wednesday October 13, 2021 in Home Care Maintenance & Tips

How To Maintain Exterior Doors | by Chafin Communities

When it comes to exterior door maintenance most homeowners turn a blind eye. Many don’t realize that exterior doors can deteriorate. Especially with everything that mother nature sets forth. Even a well made door that is properly installed is prone to wear and tear. Developing a seasonal and annual upkeep routine will keep your front entrance up to date.

By: Colleen Voisin  Date: 10/13/2021


Exterior Door Maintenance

Proper cleaning of your exterior door, it’s hinges, and door knob assembly is an important part of your entryway. This is the first step or impression left with every guest that comes to knock on your front door. A simple solution of mild soap and water is best used with a smooth rag to clean.  Wipe until dirt and dust is removed and allow the door to dry. Build up of harsh elements can lead to mold, mildew and cracking of the door. Especially if you have a wood door.

If you have a wood door, apply a good quality oil. The best brands will consist of Tung or linseed oil or a combination thereof. Once you’ve oiled the door it may take a longer to dry the thicker the coat. You do not need to apply a heavy coat.  A thin light coat will do the trick.

For fiberglass or metal doors, you can apply a light coat of furniture wax after cleaning. It’s best if both wood and metal doors are cleaned and coated seasonally.

Sun Damage

The best way to prevent your front door from sun damage is to finish it with a varnish that contains UV blocking. If your door varnish or paint does not contain a UV blocking element consider sanding it down and applying one. This finish also helps stop rain, snow, and extreme weather from damaging your door. Most new doors have a warranty on them. If you see that your finish is wearing out before the expiration date, get it refinished or replaced.

Hardware Maintenance

Avoid using any harsh chemicals on your door hardware or hinges. Products like disinfectant sprays or cleaning wipes such as Clorox wipes are a no! These products can discolor the metal. They will also remove any top coat sealants to protect the metal itself.

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