Mudrooms Offer More Storage Options for Homes


Posted Wednesday October 20, 2021 in Flex Space & Home Office

Mudrooms Offer More Storage Options for Homes | by Chafin Communities

One of the biggest reasons home buyers want mudrooms is to contain messes and promote organization. They are especially helpful in homes that have pets. It’s a place to wipe off your pet and prevent muddy pawprints from being tracked in your home. The space can be tailored for any home and it can be customized to fit your needs. Contain your busy lifestyle, pets, and children with a space that everyone can use.

By: Colleen Voisin  Date: 10/20/21

What Are Mudrooms?

Mudrooms serve as a multipurpose stopping point between the outside world and the interior of your home. Having a space that’s an informal entry area in a home where you can remove wet or dirty articles of clothing is ideal. These spaces are where folks can shrug off their backpacks, toss their keys or purse, or remove their messy footwear before entering the rest of home. Depending on the home’s interior design, they may function as a catchall for coats, shoes, pet leashes, and sports equipment. These spaces are also known as drop zones. 

Promote Organization In Your Home

Do these spaces add value to your home? In short, YES! Mudrooms are beautiful and functional. They allow for more organization and storage features to potential buyers. Not only does it add value, mudrooms help to protect your investments. It prevents outside elements from being tracked throughout the home and scratches up floors. Most mudroom reside off of an entry area of the home like a front or back door, or garage entrance

Many homes are not designed with a mudroom in mind.  Historically these rooms were only used in climates where mother nature dumped excess rain and snow.  Therefore if you lived in states without a lot of rain or snow your home wasn’t designed with one. Over the last 10 years or so these spaces have grown in popularity throughout the United States and you can now find them in a lot of southern states. This is because their functionality can cross over to just about any homeowner. 

Chafin Communities Home Design Ideas

Most of our floor plans have these spaces designed into the architecture. There are many options that buyers can do to make the space their own like adding headboard and hooks (valet), built in cubbies, tiling the floor or putting LVP flooring in. Some mudroom designs include a bench or cubbies for shoes, cabinets, and coats. No matter what design plan you choose for your space it will surely keep the clutter at bay and your home organized.

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