Right Choice Builder Awards for 2021

right choice awards for 2021

Posted Monday March 14, 2022 in Awards

Right Choice Builder Awards for 2021: Community Spotlight Award and Builder of the Year from Jackson EMC  

Right Choice builder awards celebrate 2021. Chafin Communities is constantly improving energy efficiencies in our home designs. Partnering with Jackson EMC and building homes following the Right Choice program guidelines helps us provide the best products for our customers. It’s guaranteed energy savings and guaranteed comfort. Recently, Jackson EMC bestowed Chafin Communities with three awards.

“We’re doing our part to make our homes energy efficient and this benefits our homeowners who save on energy costs. This in turn controls our carbon footprint.” -Eric Chafin

right choice builder awards

Right Choice Awards, Chafin Builders, Feb 2022 (left to right) Nathan Bohannan, Eric Chafin & Evan Breakspear


Jackson EMC Builder of the Year award recognizes the effort and excellence of the company and their team.  This is a crucial distinction since a group effort is often more difficult to manage than an individual effort. It should be noted that the Diamond Class are our largest builders. More importantly, they complete 50 or more Right Choice Homes per year.

This year’s recipient led the Diamond Class in every category. They also completed more than 220 Right Choice Homes certifications. In a year fraught with supply chain and labor issues, Clayton navigated these obstacles. Furthermore, they maintained the excellence that we’ve come to expect from this multi-year award winner. Jackson EMC presents to Clayton Properties Group, Inc Chafin Communities our 2021 Diamond Class Builder of the Year award.


The Community Spotlight award is given to Right Choice builders whose dedication to energy efficient construction has had a tremendous impact on our Jackson EMC community.  These are companies who have championed the Right Choice brand in both excellence and volume.  Commitment to quality total electric construction on this scale helps us sustain our low rates. Lastly, Jackson EMC would like to thank Chafin Communities by presenting the Community Spotlight Award.

right choice builder awards

Right Choice Awards, Chafin Builders, Feb 2022 with Nathan Bohannan and Evan Breakspear


Jackson EMC Leadership Award recognizes a builder or superintendent whose individual effort has set the bar for everyone else.  First, these are the front runners, go-getters, and standard bearers for Right Choice. Second, the Diamond Class are our largest builders. Furthermore, they complete 50 or more Right Choice Homes per year.

Finally, the Diamond Class is full of top-notch builders so it’s extremely rare that a nomination is both unanimous and instant. Finally, what stands out is that this builder takes personal pride in more than just the technical craft of homebuilding. So, for excellence in communication, attentiveness, knowledge, and effort, our 2021 Diamond Class Leadership Award goes to Ben Nash with Chafin Communities.

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