The Decorator Advantage


Discover a whole new way of buying a new home with our streamlined, low stress process. The Decorator Advantage will give you peace of mind because our interior designers have done all the work ahead of time.

decorator advantage

When you buy a new home from Chafin Communities many times you will have the ability to choose some of your own colors and selections for your home at a design appointment. If your home requires a design appointment, then you will meet with the onsite agent at the model home to do this in the design room there. See photo below of one of our model home’s design rooms. decorator advantageIf your home does not require one, then you can rest assured your home’s colors and selections have been professionally designed.

We have found over the years that many homebuyers can find the design appointment a little overwhelming in choices and challenging from a budget view point, so we knew we had to make some changes to improve this experience.

Now we have “The Decorator Advantage”! So, say goodbye to second guessing and feeling overwhelmed by choices because our interior design team has created a lineup of interior design packages for you to choose from at your design appointment. 

Our behind the scenes in-house team of designers is lead by our professional decorator Maggie.  They work full time compiling and reviewing all the sample boards that they get from combing the internet, walking houses, following Pinterest & HGTV, meeting with vendors, and going to showrooms.

Below are images of where the magic all happens at our main office.  (Note your design appointment will be at the model home and not here.)  


Our designer packages will give you confidence that your design decisions are high-quality, designer-approved, and have stunning features.

We hope “The Decorator Advantage” makes buying your new Chafin Communities’ home even better!

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